Fulshear Home Buyers

10 Reasons Why we’re the Smart Choice for Buyers

RE/MAX Realty West offers a refreshingly singular approach for buyers. From the moment you visit, you’ll notice a difference in the wealth of information accompanied by a unique approach to fully understanding your needs. In conjunction with providing buyers with a variety of communities, homes and land to choose from, RE/MAX Realty West also helps buyers find the right builders, architects, lenders and title companies. Our goal is to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible while providing our buyers with the valuable resources to truly make their new house a home.

  1. Weighing Options

    Coupled with our knowledge of the market, we are unequaled in our ability to help you process, analyze and weigh the factors that affect your buying decision. This includes; price, location, lot size, setting, view, floor plan, function, style of the home, age, condition, amenities, colors, commute times, schools, costs (energy, HOA, taxes & Insurance), security needs, recreational activities, the type of neighbors and even the direction of the prevailing breeze.

  2. Negotiating

    One of the more important skills a Realtor can offer is the ability to effectively negotiate on your behalf. Prior to Mike entering real estate over 28-years ago, he was a highly trained negotiator for a major insurance company. This expertise provides you an advantage that others simply can’t offer and could mean huge savings for you.

  3. Save Money on New Homes

    Under our NEW HOME REBATE program, we’ll share up to 30% of our commission with you. This could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket! Many Buyers appreciate looking at New Model Home Centers on their own…without an Agent in tow. Yet, they need our expertise to negotiate the best deal possible and to assist them through to Closing. So, if you’re able to find the home you like, we’ll do the rest and share our commission with you.

  4. Completed Homes

    Purchasing an existing home sounds easy to most. However, we broaden the parameters to offer you more viable options. We also work to get you Builder incentives, help make modifications to a home, analyze function & efficiencies, the benefits of new homes versus older, and what to watch out for in each. We’ll also provide insight into new trends, “green technology”, creative financing and much more…all before you buy.

  5. Land

    If you are considering purchasing land, then you will need a knowledgeable Agent who can confidently guide you through the complexities of doing so. Whereas, most Agents have never sold land before, we’re experts at helping Buyers find the right property while lending insight into home placement, set-backs, drainage concerns, Deed Restrictions, an analysis of future building costs and even “Ag” exemptions and mineral rights.

  6. Building

    Whether you’re building a custom home on your own land, or having one built in a Planned Community, building a home can be exceptionally rewarding. However, there can be obstacles and that’s why we’re there alongside you throughout the entire process; from the preliminary design stage to the final walk-through. We’ll even help you find the right gardener once you move in!

  7. Investment

    We’re experts at finding the right property that best fits your real estate portfolio. Foreclosures and short sales? Absolutely, but Relocations, divorces and homes that need updating may offer attractive alternatives too. Growth trends and future appreciation are paramount for those that are “holding” whereas current sales velocity is important to those “flipping”. IRS 1031 Tax Free Exchanges? No problem. We can also help you with Leasing and Property Management services.

  8. Resources

    We are backed by the largest real estate network in the world, and supply our Clients with a wealth of resources which make your Purchasing easy and convenient. These include; Lenders, Inspectors, Title Companies, Movers, Architects, Builders, surveyors, engineers and sub-Contractors ranging from Handymen, gardeners & carpet cleaners to certified electricians, lightening engineers and home security technicians

  9. Matchmakers

    One of the important aspects we perform is that of matchmaker. With most any product or service there is a range in quality and price. Whether it’s wines, vehicles or a watch, Buyers have a place on the spectrum where they comfortably equate price and value. For some, an inexpensive, long-lasting Timex watch is perfect; whereas another may prefer a stylish gold Rolex. What’s right for one though, is not for the other. We’re experts at effectively matching you to the right Builder, the right finishes and the right services that best meet your needs.

  10. Experience

    Due to Mike’s investment real estate background, he’s driven to help Buyers obtain the best values possible. In addition, he possesses over 28-years’ experience and is ranked as one of the Top 5 RE/MAX Agents in Texas, is recognized as one of the Top 10 Realtors by the Houston Business Journal, one of the Top 50 RE/MAX Agents in the Nation, is a multiple recipient of the prestigious Platinum Award and is an inductee into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.