Getting a Loan for a Home in Fulshear, Texas

Getting a Loan: How Times Have Changed

In the past, qualifying for a loan was easy and there were plenty of experienced lenders to make the process straightforward. Today, the loan process is completely different. The financial crisis coupled with strict regulations imposed on lenders makes it much more difficult to obtain financing…for most everybody. Additionally, many skilled brokers in the loan industry have left the business due to the difficulty of processing a loan. Today’s market means that those applying for loans need to be more careful. At RE/MAX Realty West, we understand the obstacles of getting a loan in today’s environment, which is why we work with only the very best mortgage lenders. From our experience, we believe that these lenders provide superior service and the most competitive rates.

Lot or Construction Financing:

New First National Bank

Contact: Terry Crockett
(832) 344-2100 X 2036
Special Lot Programs

Single Close Construction Loans:

Emily Rial
(281) 650-6363
Colonial National Mortgage

Commercial State Bank

Contact: J.C. Bouse
(281) 346-6003

Permanent Home Mortgages:

Martin Mortgage

Contact: Evelyn Martin
(281) 533-9952

Envoy Mortgage

Contact: Ty Smith
(281) 779-8920

Liberty Star Mortgage

Contact: Collette Horton
(281) 830-8888