Selling Your Home in Fulshear, Texas

12 Reasons Why We’ll Sell Your Home Faster & For More

It’s not doing one thing great, but rather it’s that we do a hundred things each a little better that enables us to achieve results that others don’t.

Results speak for themselves and our approach is different from most traditional real estate companies. At RE/MAX Realty West, we look for ways to maximize the value of your home to enable it to sell for more, and in the shortest time possible. You’ll discover that we are simply unequaled in our ability to aggressively market your home by employing the latest techniques and technologies available. Here are 12 ways we accomplish this:

  1. Videos

    We employ a variety of custom video options to generate maximum exposure of your home; including “walk through”, “picture integration” and virtual tours. These are accessed from HAR, added to a variety of high traffic websites and uploaded to numerous company and vendor social platforms.

  2. Photography

    Today, Buyers have unlimited access to nearly every home on the market and they will decide in an instant whether or not they want to see your home. That’s why we have developed enhanced photography techniques that are unequaled and why we’re able to attract more Buyers to your home.
    We also employ the use of a high-tech drone to take aerial photos that allow Buyers to witness a bird’s eye view of the entire property. For more information regarding Drone Photography and its importance in the real estate market, click here:
    Drone Photography

  3. Descriptions

    We employ more powerful emotion driven text to better relate the benefits, features and amenities your home has to offer. In doing so, we create impressions that create much stronger Buyer interest.

  4. Staging

    This is often the most important step in getting your home Sold. It allows for extraordinary photography, but most importantly, it increases the Buyer’s impression when they tour your home. We’re experts at achieving this goal whether your home just needs furniture rearranged or a complete remodel.

  5. Brochures

    Remax Brochures

    Once a Buyer visits your home, you need to have something in their hand that reminds them of all the benefits your home offers, as well as something they can show their family and friends. No one matches our custom designed, 16-20 page, full color, brochures that do exactly that!

  6. Worldwide Marketing

    Putting an ad in a Real Estate magazine is passé. Now, everyone searches the Internet. That’s why your home has to be exposed to a worldwide audience in a number of different mediums. Aside from HAR, we additionally use a variety of high traffic websites and search engines. We even create a separate website just for your home!

  7. High Visibility Sign

    We use large, iridescent signs that hang on a 4×4 post. This not only attracts the attention of Buyers, it also provides an enhanced impression of your home.

  8. Latest Technology

    We employ the latest technologies enabling us to better market your home, including; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics and Leadstreet Data Management. Quick Response (QR) is one of the newest technologies we use.

  9. The Power of RE/MAX

    We’re backed by the largest network of Agents who sell the most real estate right here in Fort Bend County and in the world. And, no other company matches our advertising budget. Simply stated, no other company on the planet gets the results RE/MAX does.

  10. Customer Service

    Selling a home is one of the most exciting times, but it can also be stressful. With over 28-years in the business, we recognize this and provide “Concierge” level service to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

  11. Successful Closings

    Our marketing skills attract Buyers, but the real work begins once you get a Contract. We’re experts at qualifying the Buyer, handling Inspections, negotiating Repairs, getting your home to appraise and solving an endless list of problems that can often arise.

  12. Net more at Closing

    As a highly trained negotiator, Mike is often able to get you thousands of dollars more. That’s because once you receive an Offer, the skill and expertise of the Agent is paramount in negotiating an Offer that’s to your advantage.