Staging a Home to Sell in Fulshear, Texas

Three Reasons Why You Must Stage Your Home

One of the most important steps during the selling process of your home is to have it staged effectively. For nearly two decades RE/MAX Realty West has been on the forefront of helping clients effectively stage their homes. There are three critical reasons why, when selling your home, it should be staged to its very best:

  1. In today’s market, buyers won’t even give your home a second thought if they aren’t tantalized by the pictures they see online. In order to spark visual interest with potential buyers, having pictures of your home that create enough desire to motivate buyers will be critical to scheduling an appointment to view your home.
  2. Staging enables the buyer to visualize living in the home. This also means that buyers want to envision their furnishings that accompany their lifestyle. Just like with any retail product, your home needs to be “displayed” at its very best. This means removing clutter, collectibles and memorabilia so that there are no “emotional barriers” inhibiting the buyer’s emotional bonding to the home.
  3. The better your home shows, the faster it sells – and normally, that means the more you’ll get for it. Buyers will pay more for something they like than for a home they don’t. And, most buyers don’t want to be the one that has to “update” the home they are considering buying. Buyers prefer to see a home as “move-in ready” and will pay more for it.

Staging a home can be as simple as rearranging furniture to make it appear larger or more open. It also can incorporate “splashes of color” such as an accent wall, planting a few flowers or removing that never-been-used bread machine on the kitchen counter. Staging can also require quite a bit more. If the home is dated, then you may need to consider why a buyer would purchase your home over another that shows up-to-date remodeling features. This may mean some remodeling is in order. Remodeling can actually increase your net bottom line by increasing the value of the home by more than the cost of the renovations. So, even though you may invest some money, you should increase your home’s value by more than the cost of the repairs.

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