Fulshear House Selling Tips

Six Ways to Sell Your Home for More

When it comes to selling homes, most people have the same thought: “How can I secure the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time?” In reality, the process of marketing a home is not much different than the nation’s top advertising agencies’ method for selling any product or service: make it stand out! There are numerous ways to make your home more appealing, which is why we are sharing these expert secrets on how to get more out of your home.

Use these proven strategies to make your listing the most attractive home in the neighborhood:

  1. Dress Your Home Up

    Curb appeal will create an instant, irreversible first impression to buyers. Dress your home for success with this checklist:

    • Refinish or paint the front door (this also includes any trim!)
    • Plant flowers, pull weeds, have grass neatly mowed and apply new bark mulch to flowerbeds
    • Clean the downspouts and gutters
    • Clean all screens and windows (inside and outside)
    • Pressure wash the sidewalk and driveway
    • Replace outside light bulbs
    • Wash the house exterior (or apply new paint if needed)
    • Clean or replace house numbers
    • Remove all cobwebs and spray for pests
  2. Create a Warm and Cozy Environment

    Buyers want to walk into a warm, friendly-feeling environment, especially during the first showing. What greets a buyer as they come through a seller’s front door can make a huge difference in a successful showing. Consider the following before showing your home’s inside:

    • Consider your home’s smell (vanilla candles are helpful)
    • Replace light bulbs
    • Clean drapes, blinds and windows
    • Professionally clean carpets (or replace if needed)
    • Paint walls or add a few accent colors (think neutrals)
    • Clean all doors, cabinets and closets
    • Dust and remove cobwebs
    • Clean appliances
    • Paint or clean baseboards
    • Re-caulk bathtubs and showers
    • Replace cracked or damaged outlet covers
    • Add plants to rooms in either colorful pots or inexpensive wicker baskets
    • Utilize mirrors to frame a small room (will also make the room look larger)
    • Use as much natural light as possible (add extra lamps to dark corners)
  3. Break Bonding Barriers

    Buyers build emotional bonds with homes before making a purchasing decision. The seller’s memories can infringe on the way a buyer sees the home. Help buyers create a bond by removing potential barriers:

    • Clear out closets and clutter (pack and store seasonal clothing, give away or pack any unused toys, linens and small kitchen appliances; store items offsite if possible or neatly tuck away storage boxes in a garage or attic space)
    • Depersonalize the home by removing photos, mementos or any dated items
    • Try not to have more than three collectibles or decorative items per shelf
    • Remove any unused furniture
    • Secure pets before showings
    • Remove and replace fixtures not included in the sale
    • Put away large collections/collectibles
    • Remove valuables, prescription medication and breakables
    • Remove any posters or pictures that may be offensive to potential buyers
    • Don’t be home during showings (this can make buyers feel uncomfortable)
  4. Make Your Home Interesting Through Stories

    Buyers want a home that stands out from the competition. Does each room in your house tell a story? What can you visualize happening in each room as you walk through the home? Paint the picture of living in the home by what is referred to as “staging the home.” Here are a few suggestions:

    • Set the kitchen table (wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely family dinner with a view of the yard?)
    • Turn down the master bed and place a book on the nightstand (so quiet and comfortable to read right before bedtime, don’t you think?)
    • Display an open game in the kids’ room (what a wonderful, open area for kids to laugh and giggle as they play games!)
    • Turn on the fireplace in the living room (how nice it would be to cozy up on the couch under a warm blanket and watch a calm, soothing fire!)
    • Turn on soft music or display a family DVD near the entertainment center (isn’t this just the perfect extension to have a dinner party or kids’ slumber parties?)
  5. Use Accessories

    The smallest of items can often make your listing appeal to the buyer. For example, combine essential information the buyer may need to move forward with a purchase with some heartfelt items, such as:

    • Disclosure statements (if required)
    • Brochure of the home
    • Plat maps and tax information
    • Average utility costs
    • Local service provider list
    • Warranty information
    • Why we love this home – a letter from the seller
    • Photos of the home during different seasons
  6. Everything Wide Open

    Buyers want to know everything about a home before they decide to move forward with purchasing. In most cases, this means they want to review every area of the home. By making this easier, you may be able to position your home as the most appealing match to the buyer’s needs. These steps will help:

    • Unlock and open all areas of the home
    • Clean the garage (sweep and pressure wash)
    • Unlock outside buildings including shops
    • Clean out closets and pantry
    • Provide access to the attic

Although these tips may seem like small tasks separately, when implemented as a whole they may attract a high quality buyer to your home. The market is very competitive which is why it is important to make sure your home is more appealing than others in the area.



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